Beer Festival and Wine Festival Ticketing

Online Ticket Sales for Wine Tasting, Beer Festivals, and More!

Freshtix is the perfect solution for organizing and promoting:    

  • Beer festivals
  • Beer tastings
  • Bottle releases
  • Brewery tours
  • Wine festivals 
  • Wine tastings
  • Beer dinners
  • Bar crawls & more!


We offer Beer and Wine Festival ticketing for event organizers on an easy-to-use platform!


  • Online ticket sales - Provide buyers with a frictionless online purchase experience. Once your event is created, you can start selling tickets online immediately.
  • Pre-registration - Take the hassle out of a busy on-sale by allowing ticket purchasers to pre-register in advance. Freshtix also has some great tips on managing on-sales for popular events that are expected to sell out quickly or smaller events where ticket quantities are limited. Read more about setting up a lottery for your on-sale.
  • Mobile ticketing - Go paperless. Organizers and attendees both benefit from the ease and efficiency of mobile ticketing at the entrance.
  • Box Office Software - Want to sell tickets at your event? No problem! The Freshtix Box Office solution allows event staff to sell tickets on-site.
  • Scanners and on-site staff - We provide free ticket scanners and highly trained on-site event staff for scanning and event management.
  • Pre-scanning - Avoid long lines and make sure attendees are inside the gates as quickly as possible! Encourage staff to check IDs and pre-scan attendees for immediate entry once the event starts.
  • Multiple sessions - reset - Does your event have multiple sessions, tastings, times, or dates? The Freshtix platform easily manages this to take the hassle out of having to create multiple events for each occurrence.
  • Marketing Support - From Google Analytics to retargeting, weekly newsletters, and social media advertising, the Freshtix marketing team is here to help you promote your event! We have a huge database of beer and wine festival-goers that we can target to help you sell more tickets!


Create your event on our easy-to-use platform and start selling tickets instantly! It really is that simple. And, unlike other ticketing platforms, Freshtix offers top-notch customer service and marketing support for all of your events.


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For additional reading about Freshtix solutions for beer festivals, read more at the Freshtix blog.

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